Sunday, April 3, 2011

Following the herd

So here it is, once again- exam time. The most dreaded time of the year by every student. Exams do us no favours. They leave us feeling exhausted, not to mention the lack of energy. There is nothing more relaxing after a long day of studying, than to lie in a bath with Cowshed’s “Knackered Cow” bath and massage oil. A herbaceous blend that helps you slow down and unwind with essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus. Lavender restores harmony, whilst eucalyptus clarifies the mind. With a wide variety of choice, Cowshed boasts six collections, including ‘Knackered Cow, ‘Grumpy Cow’, ‘Wild Cow’, ‘Lazy Cow’, ‘Horny Cow’ and ‘Moody Cow’. Each of these are aimed to invigorate, refresh and relax, the Cowshed collection is unique, diverse and different.

In keeping with its unique Cowshed heritage, every product contains a herbal infusion sourced from the walled garden at Babington House. The products are plant-based and contain naturally-derived ingredients, free from:   Parabens (preservatives), petrochemicals (petroleum by-products), sulphates (foaming agents) and Artificial fragrance and colours.

There are no animal ingredients, except organic beeswax and wildflower honey and Cowshed has never and will never test on animals. In addition to this, every effort has been made to source ingredients ethically and from sustainable sources.

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